by admin on Oct 25, 2010
We specialize in the following technologies:

Plone and Zope

by admin on Oct 25, 2010

Plone is one of the leading content management systems. It includes enterprise class security, workflow and versioning features that make it an excellent choice for building intranets and complex public facing websites.

With hundreds of developers and solution providers around the world working to improve it, by choosing Plone you can be confident your technical investment is secure.

Plone is built atop the Zope application server which pioneered many of the features other web frameworks are only now discovering.


by admin on Oct 25, 2010

As well as a clean and clear syntax, Python has an amazing community that has produced an unparalleled range of extension modules that enable integration with almost any system. While we're competent working in several languages, we prefer to work in Python.

Relational Databases

by admin on Oct 25, 2010

We're expert in the design, build and tuning of databases including Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL, that perform when they grow to millions of rows of data.

As well as a good understanding of SQL and how to optimize for each database, we're confident using modern ORM tools such as SQLAlchemy and have developed the Zope / SQLAlchemy integration layer zope.sqlalchemy.

Javascript and AJAX

by admin on Oct 25, 2010

We are just as comfortable client side as server side and used to writing substantial amounts of Javascript logic, using libraries such as JQuery to deliver rich functionality. As we want the information on the site to be available to all, we aim to create gracefully degrading pages when features aren't available.

There is an expectation for modern websites to be dynamic.  Since we understand both client and server code, this means we can take advantage of both environments and share the page generation load appropriately.

Diazo and XSLT

by admin on Oct 25, 2010

Having developed the Diazo theming system (formerly XDV) we're able to combine standard, out of the box products such as Plone and phpBB into a single, seamless user experience.

We have experience working with XML data from a diverse range of sources and are able to develop schemas and complex, modular XSL transforms to present your XML data in the ways you need.

LDAP and Single Sign On

by admin on Oct 25, 2010

We have experience creating LDAP schemas and federating multiple, diverse LDAP data sources such as Active Directory and Lotus Notes into a single, canonical hierarchy.

Single Sign On is key to integrating multiple applications in a seamless fashion. We have experience using mod_auth_tkt and Pubcookie and are major contributors to plone.session.


by admin on Oct 25, 2010

For large sites, users expect a high performing search engine. We have Solr, configuration, deployment and scaling experience and understand its strengths and weaknesses in comparison to relational databases.

Varnish cache

by admin on Oct 25, 2010

Snappy websites require a high performing caching solution. Varnish is a flexible, extensible system that allows for personalisation without putting excessive load on application servers.