Diazo / XDV sprint report

by Laurence Rowe on Nov 05, 2010
The post-conference sprint provided an excellent opportunity to work more on Diazo - the new name for XDV.

Ken Wasetis, Kees Hink and Peter Uittenbroek worked on building example themes with Diazo. These currently live in the collective.examples.diazo package, but we're now discussing how best to present them.

Jamie Lentin worked on a Diazo debugger and succeeded in building a proof of concept implementation which extracts relevant information from the transform. This now needs to be hooked into the generated pages with a javascript UI.

Laurence Rowe (with help from Andi Zeidler and Wyn Williams) worked on importing the XDV subversion history into the Plone repository. There's still a few bugs to work out, but we should be there soon.

Volodymyr Cherepanyak worked on making Sphinx documentation. This will form the basis of the Diazo website once the repository move is finalised.

Outside of the sprint, Martin Aspeli and David Glick are now working on plone.app.theming, the new collective.xdv, and plone.resource, for simpler theme integration.

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